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Oklahoma City Bee Removal: Bees, Wasps, Hornets in Oklahoma

The sting of a bee is painful and can lead to violent allergic reactions in some people. While the bee is a Oklahoma City beenecessary cog in nature’s wheel, most people like to keep their distance. Bees pollinate the earth, allowing plants to repopulate and keeping Oklahoma’s agricultural crops alive. But when trying to enjoy an outdoor activity, bees can be a damper.

Critter Control of Oklahoma City recognizes the environmental importance of bees. We employ highly trained bee specialists that are able to remove a bee infestation from your property and safely relocate it without harming the bees. This keeps your family and property safe from these unwanted guests and lets the bees keep doing their important work.

Bees and Humans

Bees in Oklahoma City are attracted to humans’ food and drinks and are known to show up uninvited at outdoor get-togethers. Bees are generally more frightened of you than you are of them. It is not a bee’s first instinct to sting a human, since almost all bee species will perish after losing their stingers. However, if they feel threatened – for instance, if a human is shooing them away or swatting at them – they won’t hesitate to defend themselves.

Beehives are often in hard-to-see locations, such as the tops of trees or tucked away behind narrow crevices. Smaller bee nests are more typically bothersome to humans, since bees often choose locations like light fixtures or home exteriors. Bees can nest beneath door handles or under deck railings, posing a threat to curious children or anyone who unwittingly puts their hand on a hive.

How to Remove Bees from Your Property

The best way to protect yourself from bees on your property is to contact bee experts to relocate the beehive. Critter Control has the necessary gear and equipment to remove bees from a location without getting stung. Only a bee specialist has the capability of handling bees without injury, so never attempt to move a hive yourself.

At Critter Control, we answer the needs of anxious customers with bee problems 24/7 and will come to your property to remove the current nest. We also take measures to prevent bees from constructing more nests in the same place. We’ll take the anxiety out of outdoor gatherings this year by removing the threat of bee populations.

For more information about our bee removal services, Contact Us or give Critter Control of Oklahoma City a call today.