Mice prefer to live in farm fields or grassy, wooded areas that provide dark spaces, which allows them to OKC- Micebuild their nests, protecting them from elements. However, they will begin to wander in search of available food sources.

As the weather begins to cool, mice start searching for a warmer place to call home. Attracted to the smell of food and the warmth a human structure provides, mice look for a way into homes and businesses through any available opening such as utility lines, pipe openings, and gaps underneath doors.

Mouse Control Tips

To help prevent mice from entering, seal any cracks, crevices, holes, and gaps bigger than a pen cap size. Uncleanliness also attracts mice. Make sure to wash dishes immediately after they have been used. Store opened food in glass or metal containers with tight lids. If a home is already infested, the most effective mouse control is letting a trained professional with the proper tools and knowledge remove the rodents.

Trapping and Removal

Different traps such as snap-style mousetraps and multiple-catch treadle door traps, as well as glue boards, can effectively remove mice. However, there could be a lot more damage involved like feces being left behind or the destruction to insulation, wood, and wires. The Critter Control of Oklahoma City understands mice behavior and is educated in humane ways of mouse removal that will keep you and others safe. Call us today at 469.805.6267 or contact us on the web.