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It may be easy to see the signs of moles in your yard, but getting rid of them can be difficult. The experts at Critter Control® of Oklahoma City will provide a FREE home inspection to identify where at your property moles are getting in and a solution to get rid of moles forever.


Moles may be harmless to humans, but they can devastate your property. Although most people consider moles to be rodents, they’re actually tunneling mammals that eat insects. While they may rid your garden of grubs or other ground-dwelling insect pests, they’ll more than likely destroy your lawn, gardens, flowerbeds, or vegetable patches as they do it.

When they tunnel through a property, moles leave behind large piles of dirt than can ruin an otherwise beautiful yard. They’re also capable of devastating crop fields for farmers and damaging sports fields to the extent of rendering them unusable. Moles prefer soft, damp soils rather than stony ground or clay, so the landscaped yards and gardens of human homes are very attractive spots for moles to make their habitats, rear their young, or hibernate for the colder months of some areas.

Moles are rarely found inside buildings. Due to their habits and preference to dwell in soft, damp soils, they’re far less likely to damage a home than they are to destroy a yard or field. The damage they’re capable of inflicting on a residential yard or a business with beautiful and expansive landscaping can be astronomical.

Moles tunnel close to ground level and leave behind unsightly piles of dirt. Their tunneling habits can also kill grass, plants, flowers, or other vegetation. If a mole infestation is left unchecked, the amount of damage they’re capable of inflicting grows exponentially. Mole problems are some of the most difficult infestations to control.

While these animals can absolutely wreak havoc on your landscaping, Critter Control will make every effort to utilize live-trapping and removal, eco-friendly repellents, and other humane removal tactics as opposed to lethal means. If you suspect or know of a mole problem on your residential property or business, call us or Contact Us to evaluate your situation before it gets any worse.