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Oklahoma City opossum

Opossums are very common in Oklahoma City, and if you’ve had one in your house, garage on your property, you know they can be a nuisance. Critter Control® of Oklahoma City has opossum removal and opossum trapping experts who can relieve your home of this pest.

Opossums Control Oklahoma City

Opossums may seem dirty or frightening to homeowners, with their beady eyes and habit of hissing, but they are special because they are the only marsupial living in our nation. Baby opossums live in the mother’s pouch until they outgrow it and then take to living on the mother’s back until they can survive on their own.

Why Opossums are a Nuisance

While opossums don’t necessarily pose a threat to people (they don’t possess aggressive defenses; instead, they play “dead”), they are nuisances to homeowners because they scavenge for food in trashcans. Cat and dog food left outside is the biggest attraction for opossums found on most properties. They are an omnivorous animal, eating plants, insects, and worms, as well as small mammals including mice and rats. They aren’t picky eaters, and their biggest fault is making a terrible mess in Oklahoma natives’ trash bins.

Critter Control of Oklahoma City has extensively trained wildlife removal technicians available to humanely trap and relocate nuisance opossums.

Nature’s Easy Target

Opossums are nocturnal, meaning they’re active only at night. They’re rarely seen during the day. Despite baring their 50+ teeth and looking convincingly frightening, opossums are actually not very good at defending themselves. They have a wide array of natural predators, and have to be sneaky and clever to survive into adulthood.

Why It’s Important to Trap Opossums

People tend to cringe when they see opossums around their homes and with good reason – they have a knack for getting into things. Opossums are notorious varmints for showing up in places they aren’t supposed to, be it the bottom of your neighborhood dumpster or even nestled away in your attic. Opossums’ main concern beyond food is to find solid shelter, which often ends in hiding inside your home or burrowing beneath its foundation. Like other animals, they can also carry diseases and parasites.

Critter Control of Oklahoma City has counteracted the negative effects of devious opossums for more than three decades, using humane wildlife control techniques such as trapping and relocating to rid your home or lawn of opossums. Contact or Call Critter Control today for a free estimate.