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Wild Hogs

Wild Hogs

Oklahoma City wild-hog

Wild pigs, wild hogs, wild boar, feral pigs as they are commonly known in the state of Oklahoma are not a native animal species. They are believed to have been introduced into Oklahoma as early as the 1500s by Spanish explorers.

Wild hogs pose a problem unlike other nuisance critters, since extermination is generally not an option. To control a population of wild pigs, landowners must invest in viable long-term control solutions. Critter Control of Oklahoma City has experience in heading off populations of wild hogs and can take control of the pigs in your area by incorporating expert trapping methods.

About Wild Hogs

Wild hogs (also known as wild boars or wild pigs) and domesticated pigs have historically interbred with each other, resulting in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and traits in wild hogs. They can be brown, red, black, tan, or pink in color, and may or may not have tusks. They are generally large, with the males averaging around 200 pounds and the females 175. Wild hogs travel in small herds and can be incredibly destructive to properties and dangerous to humans.

Related Dangers

When agitated, a herd of wild hogs can and will charge humans. Never attempt to remove wild hogs from your property without the help of professionals. Not only is violent charging a risk, but they also carry dozens of parasites and infectious diseases, such as waterborne pathogens like E. coli. Wild hogs pose a serious threat to humans, livestock, and wildlife, as they can transmit more than 35 types of parasites to them.

Wild hogs cause more than $1.5 billion in property damages every year in America. They naturally have a habit of digging and rooting to find food, causing irreversible damage to root systems and killing whole fields of crops.

How to Control Wild Hogs

Populations of wild hogs can be difficult to prevent and even harder to catch. Prevention techniques include putting up fences, but this can be expensive and isn’t guaranteed to keep them out, since they have been known to smash through fencing.

We have trained professionals at Critter Control who know how to catch wild hogs despite their strength, resourcefulness, and intelligence. We can safely catch and remove wild hogs from your property, preventing further devastation and protecting you from harm.

If you’re experiencing a wild hog infestation, Contact or give Critter Control of Oklahoma City a call today for a free estimate.