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Urban Wildlife Control

Oklahoma City provides the ideal blend of rural charm and big-city living. We’ve created an Birds on top of Oklahoma City buildingenvironment that encourages wildlife to thrive at city parks and harbors, while still building human habitations to fit our needs. This balance of humans with nature is what makes Oklahoma City special, but it takes careful planning, evaluation, and the help of expert wildlife technicians to keep humans safe from animals and vice versa.

Why Wildlife Enjoys the Urban Setting

Due to years of feeding wildlife, both directly and indirectly through our massive amounts of garbage, animals that used to rely solely on earth’s resources have grown used to getting food more easily in cities. As humans take away more and more of their natural habitats, wildlife has no choice but to adapt and use the city to their advantage.

Animals such as raccoons used to survive on berries, nuts, insects, and fish, but with easy access to mounds of appetizing garbage, they have now moved into cities permanently. Some raccoons can exist entirely on human garbage.

Balancing Urban Communities and Wildlife

At Critter Control of Oklahoma City, our Number 1 priority is your safety. Instead of resorting to extermination techniques (which can be dangerous to humans and don’t offer long-lasting solutions), we have perfected the use of humane trapping and relocation methods to remove unwanted pests and wildlife nuisances from the homes of people everywhere. Our prevention techniques will ensure the same wildlife problem doesn’t occur twice.

We enjoy striking the perfect balance between humans and animals, and understand that many wildlife critters are necessary to the proper functioning of the population. Our wildlife specialists have been trained to deal with wildlife in the urban setting, and are experts at handling raccoons, opossums, squirrels, roof rats, pigeons, snakes, and hundreds of other common urban pests. We keep you and your property safe from harm caused by encroaching wildlife, and only do what’s best for your family and for the critter.

If you’re dealing with a wildlife infestation, give Critter Control of Oklahoma City a call or Contact Us today.