Jan 20

They sent out a whole crew. Everyone was nice and they worked all day, from 830-5. At no point did I feel they began rushing as the day went out.

They took their time with everything and even cleaned up after (I have had several contractors not even attempt to). My garage was cleaner when they left, than when they arrived.

I had an issue with a teeny crack that wasn’t sealed and they sealed and painted it at 5PM no issues or response such as ‘it’s not big enough for a mouse or rat’.

I would totally recommend them, they are worth every penny! I mean a lifetime guarantee!!!

Jan 9

The problem was assessed quickly and taken care of. The team was very professional and efficient.
I would highly recommend Critter Control to anyone needing these services.

Sep 25

Critter Control is great! They arrived on time. Did a complete inspection of the outside and inside of my home. Competed the work on the same day.

Aug 3

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